5 step recipe to packing a kitchen during a house move!

During any house move, one area which takes surprisingly long to pack (and unpack) is the kitchen. It is also the area of high utility – we visit it every day. It stores our food, water, munchies and so much more. The kind of objects available in this area span across all shapes and sizes.

5 key factors not to miss out during an office move

Any kind of office move does spring up stress, blood pressure and more. But, the most challenging part about moving an office is running business operations while the movie is ongoing. While packing, pre-surveys, quotations and setting up are all part of the process, there are some key elements (very crucial to your business).

7 Hacks to Make Moving a Worry-Free Process

Moving a home or office brings with it a fever of anticipation. As moving day draws nearer though, it can at times bring with it, a rising wave of anxiety. You start to cross things off your mile-long checklist. You’re ironing out all sorts of details while being in constant contact with the office movers or…

7 Questions You Must Ask Before Picking the Right Mover in Singapore.

We live in a time where we’re are constantly on the move. We’re either moving towards a brighter tomorrow, or away from an uncomfortable past. Most of us never remain in the same place for long. If we do, there’s often a new house or new workspace on the horizon…

How to Save on Your Upcoming Move in Singapore

Prospecting to relocate at a promising house or office space? Then it would be a great idea to save on your budget while doing so. As you type up the terms moving services Singapore, you’ll find how there are lots of services which abound the Lion…

moving company

Top Tips for First Timers Looking for a Moving Company

Moving to a different city, or even to a foreign country, is definitely an exciting experience for many. Whatever may be the reason for moving out, be it for job relocation, in search for a greener pasture or need a change of environment, the fact remains that it’s…

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Preparing for an Office Move Checklist

Moving to a new place is a challenging change in life. It is more exhausting if it involves taking care of the office belongings. But, there are some steps you can follow for you to be able to make it easier and smoother. Here is the checklist that…