Moving Tips
  1. Select what to take and what to leave: Take only what is necessary. After all, everything you do take has to be paid for. Take you time to “clean house” in the process. This will save you a lot.
  2. Carry your valuables (jewelry, furs, money, etc.) medication and important papers with you, do not pack them in the moving truck.Your contract will specify that the mover is not responsible for these items.
  3. Take goods yourself: You will probably visit your new house regularly before your removal. If this can be arranged with the seller try to take goods with you whenever you go.
  4. Disassemble large articles of furniture yourself: Large furniture, such as beds and wardrobes, can often not be transported in one piece. Disassembling is often easier then you think. Mark the pieces to make assembling easier. Keep screws, bolts and keys in an envelope and tape this to the inside of the furniture.
  5. Select your mover with care and compare price: Requesting a quote is simple and done easily here.
  6. Remember to label all boxes with the room destination: This will help direct the movers to the correct room without delay, mark all fragile items well! The better a box is marked, the less chance of damage to fragile items.

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